Anarchy Sailing? is a website that focuses on sailing news and related topics. It offers a mix of editorial content, user-generated content, and forums where users can discuss sailing-related issues. The website has a loyal following among the anarchy sailing community and is known for its irreverent and often provocative tone.

Anarchy Sailing community

One reason that may be popular is its focus on sailing news and events that are not typically covered by mainstream media outlets. The website offers a fresh perspective on sailing topics, and its edgy tone appeals to sailors who are looking for something different from traditional sailing publications.

Another reason that the anarchy sailing community may be successful is its active users. The forums and comment sections on the website are popular gathering places for sailors to exchange information and ideas. The website also allows users to submit their own articles and photos, which fosters a sense of community ownership and engagement.

Finally, has a strong social media presence, with active accounts on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This allows the website to reach a wider audience and engage with readers beyond its website.

Overall,’s success can be attributed to its focus on providing fresh, provocative, and community-driven content for the sailing community, along with a strong social media presence that helps to build and maintain its audience.

How often are there updates?

The website’s homepage is updated regularly with news stories, opinion pieces, and features on sailing-related topics. Additionally, the website’s forums and comment sections are active with user-generated content and discussions, which can also provide fresh content on a daily basis.

Overall, appears to be a website that values timely and engaging content, and strives to provide its audience with a regular flow of sailing-related news and insights.

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