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Aspiring sailors and experienced cruisers alike know that finding the right sailboat for bluewater cruising is essential. A bluewater boat is designed to handle the challenges of long-distance offshore voyages, and choosing the right one can make all the difference in your sailing adventures. In this post, we will recap the most important facts that you need to consider when selecting a bluewater sailboat.

Construction and Durability

When it comes to bluewater cruising, durability is key. Your sailboat should be constructed to withstand the rigors of offshore sailing, including heavy seas, strong winds, and potential impacts with floating debris. Look for boats that are built with robust materials such as fiberglass or steel, and have solid construction techniques such as hand-laid laminates or welded seams. A well-built bluewater boat will have a sturdy hull, reinforced deck, and strong rigging to ensure its longevity in challenging conditions.


A seaworthy boat is essential for bluewater cruising. It should be able to handle rough weather and heavy seas with ease. As well as providing a safe and comfortable ride for you and your crew. Look for boats with a proven track record of seaworthiness. These can be found evidenced by their design, construction, and performance in real-world conditions. Consider features such as a well-protected cockpit, self-draining decks, and a well-balanced sail plan that can handle a variety of wind conditions. Another important consideration is the boat’s performance capabilities. Look for boats with efficient hull designs, powerful rigs, and versatile sail plans that can handle different weather conditions. A boat with good sailing performance can make your cruising experience more enjoyable and efficient.

Size and Layout

The size and layout of your bluewater boat will depend on your personal preferences and intended use. Smaller boats are typically more maneuverable and easier to handle. Larger boats offer more space and storage for extended cruising. Consider the number of berths, the size of the galley, and the amount of storage space available for provisions, gear, and equipment. Also think about your desired cockpit layout, as center cockpits can be beneficial for rough seas. A well-thought-out interior layout can make living aboard your bluewater boat more comfortable during long passages.Comfort is crucial for long-distance cruising. Look for boats with well-designed interiors that provide ample space for living, sleeping, and storage. Consider the layout of the galley, head, and sleeping quarters to ensure they meet your needs for extended stays on board. The boat should also have a comfortable cockpit for relaxing and entertaining during long passages.

Safety Features

Safety should be a top priority when choosing a bluewater sailboat. Look for boats that are equipped with essential safety features such as a reliable navigation system, dependable communication equipment, and appropriate safety gear including life rafts, life jackets, and emergency signaling devices. Additionally, consider boats with a solid and reliable engine for propulsion in case of emergency situations where sail power may not be sufficient.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Owning a sailboat, especially for bluewater cruising, requires regular maintenance and upkeep. Consider the ease of maintenance and availability of spare parts when choosing your bluewater boat. Look for boats with simple and accessible systems that are easy to repair or replace. Also, consider the availability of professional support and services in case you need assistance while cruising in remote areas.As cruising can always become expensive, try to keep your potential costs in your boat low.

List of the best bluewater boats:

  1. Valiant 42: The Valiant 42 is a well-respected bluewater boat known for its solid construction and seaworthiness. It features a cutter rig, a spacious interior with ample storage, and a comfortable cockpit for extended cruising.
  2. Hylas 54: The Hylas 54 is a luxury bluewater cruiser that offers a combination of performance, comfort, and style. It features a center cockpit design, a powerful rig, and a high-quality interior finish that’s perfect for long-distance cruising in comfort.
  3. Hallberg-Rassy 64: The Hallberg-Rassy 64 is a premium bluewater sailboat with a reputation for quality and craftsmanship. It offers a comfortable and spacious interior, a powerful rig, and advanced navigation and communication systems for offshore cruising.
  4. Oyster 625: The Oyster 625 is a high-end bluewater cruiser with a sleek design and luxurious amenities. It features a modern hull shape, a powerful rig, and a customizable interior layout to suit your specific cruising needs.
  5. Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 490: The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 490 is a versatile bluewater sailboat with a modern design and innovative features. It offers a spacious and comfortable interior, a self-tacking jib for easy handling, and a performance-oriented hull for fast and efficient sailing.
  6. Amel 55: The Amel 55 is a unique bluewater cruiser known for its innovative and user-friendly systems. It features an integrated deckhouse, a self-tacking jib, and a protected cockpit, making it a safe and comfortable choice for offshore cruising.
  7. Allures 45.9: The Allures 45.9 is a rugged bluewater sailboat designed for adventure. It features a lifting keel for shallow water cruising. Also a sturdy aluminum hull, and a comfortable interior that’s ideal for extended voyages.
  8. Outremer 51: The Outremer 51 is a fast and lightweight bluewater catamaran that offers excellent performance and stability. It features a spacious and open interior, a large cockpit, and a well-designed deck layout for easy handling.
  9. Garcia Exploration 45: The Garcia Exploration 45 is a rugged and versatile bluewater cruiser designed for exploration. It features a durable aluminum hull, a lifting keel, and a well-thought-out interior layout for comfortable living during extended passages.
  10. Passport Vista 545: The Passport Vista 545 is a luxurious bluewater cruiser with a reputation for quality and performance. It features a powerful rig, a comfortable and well-appointed interior, and a variety of customization options to suit your cruising needs.
  11. Swan 54: The Swan 54 is a classic bluewater sailboat known for its performance and elegance. It features a powerful rig, a comfortable and spacious interior, and a solid construction that’s built to withstand offshore sailing.
  12. Island Packet 525: The Island Packet 525 is a well-regarded bluewater cruiser with a reputation for comfort and seaworthiness. It features a spacious and well-appointed interior. Also a cutter rig for versatility, and a full keel for stability and ease of handling. It also offers a variety of amenities for extended cruising. Including a large galley, ample storage space, and a comfortable cockpit for relaxing and entertaining.

In conclusion, choosing the right bluewater boat for your cruising adventure requires careful consideration. Focus on factors such as construction, performance, comfort, safety, and reputation. It’s important to thoroughly research and inspect boats to ensure they meet your specific needs and preferences. With the right boat, you can embark on an unforgettable bluewater cruising adventure and create lasting memories on the open seas. So, when planning your next bluewater adventure, make sure to invest time and effort in finding the best bluewater boat that will meet all your requirements and make your cruising dreams a reality. Happy sailing!

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