The youtube refit of “Duracell”

If you are a sailing enthusiast, you may have heard or read of the iconic sailboat “Duracell,” a legendary ocean racing yacht that has won numerous races over the years. Unfortunately, the boat fell into disrepair and was left to rot in a private boatyard for many years until Matt, a passionate sailor and DIY enthusiast, decided to take on the challenge of restoring it to its former glory. Matt’s project, The Duracell Project, has been chronicled on his Youtube channel, which has become a popular destination for sailing and DIY enthusiasts alike. This youtube refit channel is one of the best to watch at the moment.

Long term refit

The Duracell Project is a long-term project that involves restoring and refitting the boat to modern standards, while still maintaining its classic character and style. The project has been divided into several phases, with each phase building on the previous one to ensure that the boat is seaworthy, reliable, and safe.Matt’s focus in the refit has been to preserve the boat’s original features while also adding modern amenities to make it comfortable for cruising.

Kick out the broken

The first phase of the project involved stripping the boat down to its bare hull and assessing the damage. Matt discovered that the boat had suffered from being abandoned, and many of the boat’s systems and components needed to be replaced. He enlisted the help of friends and family to help him remove the old components, even integral fiberglass parts, and prepare the boat for the next phase. He also removed old bulkheads with a saw and fiberglassed a dog house on top.

Repair and fill

The second phase of The Duracell Project focused on repairing the damage that had been done to the boat over the years. Matt worked tirelessly to repair the hull and deck, replace rotten wood, and patch any other areas of damage. This phase is a significant undertaking, but with patience and perseverance, Matt is able to make significant progress. Are you interested in learning to work with fiberglass? This is your channel.


The third phase of The Duracell Project is rebuilding the boat. The plan is to install new walled sections and galley etc. As well as electrical and mechanical systems, such as pumps and plumbing, to ensure that the boat is reliable and safe. And of course comfortable to live on. Matt will also replace the rigging, sails, and other hardware to make sure that the boat is seaworthy. While Duracell was once a racing sailboat, Matt plans to use it as a comfortable cruising sailboat.

Upcoming phases of the Youtube refit

The final phase of The Duracell Project will involve testing and launching the boat. While the boat was originally designed for racing, Matt plans to use Duracell as a comfortable cruising sailboat. He will take the boat out on the water for a series of sea trials to ensure that it is seaworthy and functioning properly. He will also put the boat through its paces, testing its speed and handling, to ensure that it is safe and reliable.

Highly recommended for DIY enthusiasts

The Duracell Project has been a labor of love for Matt, who has dedicated countless hours to restoring and refitting the boat. His Youtube channel, which documents the project in detail, has become a popular destination for sailing enthusiasts and DIY enthusiasts alike. By sharing his experience and expertise, Matt has inspired a new generation of sailors and DIY enthusiasts to take on their own restoration projects.

In conclusion, The Duracell Project is a remarkable achievement, a testament to Matt’s passion, dedication, and skill. The project is not only a legendary ocean racing sailboat being transformed toa new glory, but also inspired a new generation of sailors and DIY enthusiasts. The Youtube channel documenting the project has become a valuable resource. No matter if interested in sailing or DIY restoration projects. It will continue to inspire and educate for years to come.

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